BadBear® is signature character in the BadBlue universe. Unlike the teddy bear, who gave comfort and love, he has a playful and mischievous personality. Smiling and pointing a gun is an act to cover up a complex. Meet the bad bear, who is somewhat clumsy but also lovely.

BadBlue® started with the slogan “I Make My Blue Memories, With My Bad Choices.” BadBlue is a multi-brand that operates in various fields, from characters, fashion, content to goods. BadBlue is a brand representing today's youth and is a another world.

Visual Suspect is a group that specialize in visual directing from character development to content production, goods sales and branding using IP. By analyzing the hidden personality and value of each IP, we create a single brand that links IP with content suitable for the trend. We aim for a culture where we can enjoy together and consume affectionately.