BadBear® is signature character in the Bad Blue universe. Unlike the teddy bear, who gave comfort and love, he has a playful and mischievous personality. Smiling and pointing a gun is an act to cover up a complex. Meet the bad bear, who is somewhat clumsy but also lovely.

BadBlue® is the project brand of the visual directing group 'Visual Suspect'. What does Korea's true YOUTH mean? BadBlue started with the theme of the message 'I Make My Blue Memories, with My Bad Choices.'. BadBlue, which consisted only of sample products in December 2019, was officially launched in February 2020 thanks to SNS reaction. BLUE is a word that express the color and also means many ambiguous meanings such as sadness, emotions, and memories. We visualize what YOUTH thinks these days.

Visual Suspect is a group that specialize in visual directing from character development to content production, goods sales and branding using IP. By analyzing the hidden personality and value of each IP, we create a single brand that links IP with content suitable for the trend. We aim for a culture where we can enjoy together and consume affectionately.